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Studio Policies  |  Tuition

Studio Policies

Dance Reflections Staff strives to make this studio a safe and pleasant environment for all.  We thank you for your understanding of our STUDIO SAFETY REQUIREMENTS and greatly appreciate your cooperation in making sure they are upheld.

•  Parents must come inside to drop off or pick up students.  For safety reasons, students ARE NOT allowed to leave unless a parent or guardian accompanies him/her.  Please do not send in older siblings in place of a parent.

•  For safety reasons and dance discipline, students who are not dressed properly for class (i.e, t-shirt, socks and shorts for Ballet without shoes) will be asked to sit and watch.

In an effort to help keep our studio clean and free of unwanted critters, we are a Water-Only Studio.  NO food of any kind, no drinks (except for sport-capped water), no gum or candy at any time.  Trash cans are provided for your convenience outside of the lobby entrance.

NO street shoes inside the dance rooms - only dance shoes are allowed.  Conversely, dance shoes should not be worn outside of the studio.  The oils and dirt from the pavement can damage our dance floors and shoes causing them to wear out quicker, and possibly causing injury to another dancer.

•  Dance room doors remain closed during class time.  To avoid distractions, please do not open the doors except in an emergency.
•  Please stay clear of access ramps in front of the dance room doors.  Please DO NOT let children sit or play on those ramps. These are EMERGENCY EXITS!
•  Please do not let siblings run around, jump on, or stand on furniture, or participate in horseplay IN or OUTDOORS while waiting on someone to finish class. This is a very HIGH TRAFFIC area and there is a lot of potential for serious injury.
•  All personal items should be clearly marked to avoid loss or theft.
•  CANCELLED CLASSES may be made up on your own time. Please see the office for a listing of appropriate make-up options.

In the event of inclement weather, a message will be posted on our website's STUDIO NEWS TAB An outgoing message will also be left on the studio voice mail.  A decision to close the studio will be made and communicated by 9:00 a.m. for morning classes and by 3:00 p.m. for afternoon/ evening classes.  PLEASE NOTE:  although we follow L.I.S.D. scheduling, we do not necessarily follow weather-related closings as our roads may be cleared by the time classes begin.

In the event of severe weather, we will monitor conditions carefully and cancel classes if we feel that potentially severe weather will pose a safety threat to our families and staff.  Abrupt closings may be needed and we will post a message ASAP on our STUDIO NEWS TAB.  An outgoing voice mail will also be placed on our machine.



Registration Fees:  $30 Annual Fee (non-refundable)

2016-2017 Tuition Schedule
we take visa, mastercard and discover

Hours of Classes Per Week
Monthly Tuition
Mommy & Me Tippy Toes (2's-3')
Tippy Toes (3.5 & 3's)
6 wk session @ 30 minutes per class
 $80.00 per 6 week session 
45 minutes
1 hour
1.25-1.5 hours
1.75-2.0 hours
2.25-2.5 hours
2.75-3.0 hours
3.25-3.5 hours
3.75-4.0 hours$168.00 
4.25-4.5 hours


4.75 hours + and Private Lessons:
30 min-45 min-1hr


***NOTE: Families with multiple students receive 5% off each child after the 1st student taking the most classes is charged the full rate.

Recital Fees and Other Expenses
Recital Fees
Recital Fees are due by OCTOBER 21st.  Fees help offset costs associated with our annual production.  They are non-refundable.
Costume Deposit
A Costume Deposit of $30 per student is due NOVEMBER 1st.  Costume Deposits are refundable ONLY IF costumes have not yet been ordered.
Costume Balance
Costume Balance is due no later than DECEMBER 15th.  Costumes are ordered in early December and fees are non-refundable.
Optional Expenses
You may choose to have professional recital photos taken in Spring by our photographer ($35-$55). We also have our show filmed by a professional video crew. DVD copies are available for sale (Approx. $50).

tap dance lessons in flower mound texasTUITION POLICIES

It is understood that enrollment will be from late August through the end of May, with a performance at the end of May or first of June.  Tuition rates are based on the number of lessons held during the dance season and not the number of lessons per month, even though tuition is paid each month.  Payments have been divided into equal monthly installments.  Holidays have been taken into account and we do not pro-rate tuition payments due to missed classes.

•  WITHDRAWAL FROM CLASS:  Students wishing to withdraw must submit a 30-day written notice, plus the following/ending month's tuition paid in full prior to dropping a class. (Ex: If written notice to drop is given Nov 11th, Dec tuition is due in full).  Accounts will be considered active and will continue to be billed, unless proper notice is received by parent/guardian. This includes accounts in which the studio owner has to seek out notice instead of client readily offering notice on their own. Credit/debit card on file will be charged for final payments if balance is left unpaid. 

•  REFUNDS:  Refunds for tuition fees are only given when Dance Reflections cancels a class due to low enrollment or in a case where a serious medical condition prompts withdrawal from classes.  We do not give refunds for missed classes, recital fees, or costume fees.

•  PAYMENT DUE DATES:  Tuition is always due on the 25th of each month prior to the coming month. For example: October tuition will be due on September 25th.  A $10.00 late fee will be incurred for any payment made after the 1st day of the month.  If payment is not made within three weeks after the due date, the parents will be informed that the child will not be allowed to participate in the class until both the tuition and late charges have been paid.  Invoices are only sent to those with outstanding balances.  LATE FEE GRACE PERIOD:  Each account is allowed one late payment per season.  Your first late payment will NOT be charged the $10.00 late fee, but any future late payments will be subject to the fee.

•  MASTERCARD, VISA and DISCOVER are accepted.  Easy automatic draft is available and we will charge the account number on file.  It is understood that any unpaid balances will be charged on the credit/debit account number provided.

learn to dance at dance reflections of texas•  CHECKS dated for the 25th but received any time after the 1st are still considered LATE and the $10.00 fee will apply.  Mailed payments must be postmarked on or before the 1st to avoid the late fee.  NSF FEE:  a $30.00 service charge applies to all returned checks.

•  CASH payments may be dropped by the office and placed in the drop slot on the office door located inside the lobby.  There is not an
externally-accessible drop slot.

•  DISCOUNTS:  There is a discount available for families with more than one child enrolled in classes.  The child with the most hours/classes will be considered the first child and is charged the regular/full rate, with the 5% discount being applied to each additional child(ren) with equal or lesser classes.  See office for semester and full-year payment discounts.



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